Demon® Heaters

The Cheapest Heat You Can Buy

No Installation & Practically Maintenance Free
Useful For: Factories, Sporting fixtures, Outdoor Entertainment, Frost Reduction, Farms & Orchards
Trouble Free Running - Years of Trouble Free Service
Heats 300 Square Meters - 16 Hours Continuous Running
100% Australian Made
Demon® Heaters are a Registered Trademark of Henstock Technologies

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Frost Reduction

Oil burning Demon Heaters radiate heat and generate the air flow necessary to reduce frost.

Demon® Heater Dimensions

Overall height including stand and diffusion hood : 1.67 meters
Floor Area : 610mm x 610mm
Gross Weight : 18 kgs
Bowl Capacity : 31 Liters
Run Time : 16 hrs/ 2 - 4 liters per hour
Area Heat Capacity : 300 square meters
Heat Output : 47 kilowatts
Recommended Fuel : Kerosene or good quality heating oil

How To Use Your Demon Heater


Demon® Diagram Legend

The Demon® Oil Burning Labelled DiagramDE1 - Diffusion Hood
DE2 - Diffusion Hood Arms
DE3 - Top Stack
DE4 - Cast Iron Elbow
DE5 - Return Pipe
DE6 - Lower Stack Conical
DE7 - Fuel Tank Lid
DE8 - Regulator Cap
DE9 - Fuel Tank
DE10 - Down Draught Tube
DE11 - Heater Stand (optional)
DE12 - Holding Down Clamps
DE13 - Damper Bracket
DE14 - Spillage Tray (optional)
DE15 - Economy Damper
DE16 - Lighting Torch
DE17 - Flue Adaptor (optional)
DE18 - 6" Butterfly Damper (Optional)